Questions about temp plates - Importing car to NL

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Auto: BMW Z3

Questions about temp plates - Importing car to NL

Bericht door DavidVSP » 12 sep 2022, 12:43

Hello, and thank you for letting me be part of this forum!

I've got a Z3 coupé in Spain that a Dutch is interested in purchasing, but we have faced the issues of the bureaucracy!

Let me tell you the process to export a car from Spain to any EU country:

the seller deregister the car definitively in the Spanish motor register - plates are destroyed (in Spain plates follow the car, not the owner)

The buyer request a temporary green plates for export.... now the tricky piece:
-The green plates are not immediate, could take up to two weeks!
- The Dutch citizen needs to have a residency permission in Spain

As you can see, the process is a deal breaker for the spanish side, as it comes to the temporary plates issuing

The buyers wants to drive the car to NL, it's a must, so no external transport is an option here

My question to you is as follows: is there any way to request a Dutch temporary license plate to import this Spanish car?

Thank you in advance!

Martin van der Zwaard
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Re: Questions about temp plates - Importing car to NL

Bericht door Martin van der Zwaard » 13 sep 2022, 08:40

German export plates.

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